Strategic Sourcing




About us

Coortrine is a Supply Chain Management and Logistics Company, whose core services are Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, and Distribution. Collaboration is the forefront of our organization value. We work with our client’s across borders to fulfill their supply chain needs.

Our name is a combination of two words: coordination, where different activities are properly adjusted and interlinked and Trine, which, in astrology, refers to two celestial, bodies that support each other. Combine them together and what you get is a coordinated effort between our company and your business. We work together in harmony to achieve tremendous results. Simply put, we are the partners you are looking for to provide support to your business’ supply chain operations.


Strategic Sourcing

We focus on getting our customers the best product and services at best value. We are driven by rigorous and collaborative approach, addressing all levers of saving.


We provide buying services to clients, locating and securing any type of resources desired by our clients. We accept single or contract assignments.


With our global connections, we offer clients who wish to expand their markets, an opportunity to reach out to emerging markets. We offer wholesale and retail distributorship services, aimed at eliminating the hassles of manufacturer to consumer relationship.


We provide Teir II 3PL (Third Party Logistics) to small and medium size business in need of logistics and transportation expertise. Flexibility and Visibility are embedded into our organization's strategy, process, and Technology. We thrive for Customer excellence and achieve that by timely service delivery and cost efficiency.


  • Nigeria’s first specialty coffee shop serving single origin African coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Jos and Mambilla.

  • The largest ice cream cone manufacturer and third largest ice cream producer’s in Nigeria.

  • Located in the heart of Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2 Metro llc provides transport services to student at affordable rates.

  • Exquisite clothing company that offers corporate and individuals custom apparel branding.